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Development, commissioning, (offline) programming and feasibility analyses

Since we specialize in fanuc controls, we can provide you with very comprehensive support.

robot-cell at office

Commissioning and programming

From simple pick-and-place applications to networking of multiple robots, we offer comprehensive programming services.

  • project planning of production processes
  • conceptual development of new robot cells
  • setup of relevant hardware and software options on the robot controller
  • reprogramming of existing systems
  • selection of robot model
  • cycle time optimization


Commissioning 2 4-Axis-Robots

Camera and Vision

With the powerful vision system iRVision from Fanuc, we create and develop stable and efficient camera processes. These run directly on the Fanuc controller. Thus, a fluent integration into the programming is given.

With the help of our robot and the extensive camera equipment, we can perform feasibility studies and complex analyses for you at our office.


  • LR Mate 200iD - R30iBPlus
  • Kowa SC130EF2 Coax-Camera
  • Basler Ace GigE-Camera
  • 3x Kowa Lenses with focal lengths from 8mm-75mmmm
  • Lighting
  • Calibration material

Thanks to our Cloud-Solution you won't miss a step !

Offline programming

For the beneficial implementation of various tasks, we use the Fanuc Roboguide® simulation tool. This is a robot simulation and programming tool that was specially developed for software development and commissioning. Sensors, actuators and traversing slides etc. can be simulated in Roboguide. Accurate cycle time analyses are possible as well as collision detection. This accelerates system integration while keeping project costs calculable.S



Advantages at a glance:

  • accurate cycle time analyses
  • workspace analyses
  • Selection of robot models
  • Shortening of commissioning times


Fanuc DCS-Bereiche


following control generations are supported by us:

Generation direct* Offline Simulation Karel Kamera/iRVision HMI
R-30iB Plus ✔ supported ✔ supported ✔ supported ✔ supported ✔ supported
R-30iB ✔ supported ✔ supported ✔ supported ✔ supported ✔ supported
R-30iA/RJ-3iC ✔ supported ✔ supported ✔ supported ✔ supported ✔ teils
RJ-3iB ✔ supported ✔ on request ✔ on request 🗷 no support ✔ teils
RJ3,RJ2,RJ ✔ on request 🗷 no support ✔ on request 🗷 no support 🗷 no support
RH 🗷 no support 🗷 no support 🗷 no support 🗷 no support 🗷 no support
* via TP