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Wir bieten unterschiedliche Roboter-Schulungen, welche praxisbezogen auf Ihre betrieblichen Erfordernisse abgestimmt werden können.

We offer different robot training courses, which can be adapted practically to your operational requirements.

training cell


The further training of your employees takes place in the form of in-house training courses at your premises. Of course, it is also possible to carry out the training on our premises. We own a current robot of the 5kg class. With this we can discuss your questions and problems.

Training areas

Operator training

Moving the robot


During the course, the participants learn the proper handling and safe operation of the system. Afterwards, the operators will be able to free the robots after malfunctions and restart production.

Programmer training

This training enables participants to make minor program changes independently. This means that, for example, an external programmer is not required in the event of a batch change.

individual training opportunities

for experts: integration handheld control unit with Roboguide

iRVision training (Kamera/Bildverarbeitung)

Introduction to the Fanuc vision system.

iRVision cameras

robot mit cameras

Since our training robot supports the current control generation including camera, problems and solutions for your product are also possible!

Roboguide training

Our experience of more than 10 years in the field of offline programming with Roboguide allows us to teach you effective working methods and "best practices" in an understandable way.

individual trainings

The content and scope of the training can be tailored to your needs. Ask us!