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Windows Apps

We offer a small selection of Windows apps. These support you in the commissioning or monitoring of Fanuc robots. The tools offered here for download are free of charge and may be used commercially.

Furthermore the programs are digitally signed!



With the Friex-Browser you can make the most of the web interface of older and newer Fanuc controllers!

Friex main window

Friex_FullWindow 1.Toolbar 2.Command-Buttons 3. Content


  1. No installation necessary
  2. small file size (can be copied to any project folder)
  3. native programming (fast, hardly any "overhead")
  4. integrated help
  5. uses the Trident engine of the Internet Explorer
    • ActiveX-Controls can be used (if necessary release once in the firewall)
    • no configuration in IE necessary like e.g. with trusted sites.
    • no IE mode in Edge necessary
    • digitally signed

HELP & DOWNLOAD 🡆 Friex-Browser download and help

more screenshots

Comparison Browser und Viewer


Friex 4 App Windows

Friex_4_Different_Windows 1. Fanuc -ECHO- 2. Fanuc -CGTP- 3. FTP-Backup 4. Program-Viewer


The ZIP folder contains the program and all necessary information.

Friex-Browser download and help



A small backup tool to create backup copies of a robot via FTP.


  1. easiest operation
  2. can be used as a command line tool or as a "GUI" program

FR_Backup Nutzung



The ZIP folder contains the program and all necessary information.


Server/Embedded: rNode



Development is currently paused, as OPC-UA has caught on very quickly

rNode is an intuitive robot interface. It fetches the relevant data(sets) for the customer in the form of json objects from the robot controller. The software runs under Windows, Linux, as a container(Docker) and Embedded on a dedicated industrial PC.

Features and functions

  • Get data from controller as json structure via unified API
  • Write data to the controller via API
  • No robot experts needed for the API
  • User interface helps programmers and experts to analyze errors in the controller state
  • easy installation and setup
  • No software options needed and backward compatible

Current development

In the last few weeks and months, we have pushed development forward strongly.

gui development 2020

Customization of the layout and colors

more product information: rNode

older video:


Robot software

Software or program packages which run directly on the Fanuc robot controller. The programs are written in TP and partly in Karel.



A simple software for communication and control of the WSG gripper series from Weiss Robotics and Schunk. Communication between the WSG gripper and the Fanuc controller is based on socket messaging.


The direct download is available here here

Interested? For a quote just email

Plug'n Play solution for WSG-Gripper with fanuc robots

more (developer) information : sGrip-Dokumentation